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Sonic and Mario Near Winter Olympic Games

Sonic and MarioThe game consists of total 27 events which are categorized into two groups such as dream events of zanier and actual events of Olympic. Many of these games look alike and playing gives almost same kind of experience. For example fever ice hockey and the counterpart ice hockey are almost identical. Fever hockey is different in just one aspect like having some extra items and a way of shifting values. However, it offers a wide range of events. It is very unfortunate that many of them are quite simple and not up to the expectations. These mini games are almost shallow and very frustratingly long enough to get bored.

All kinds of efforts are made to make the game more interesting and compensate its boredom. In such attempt some adventure is added to it. This adventure is only available in DS version. The adventure is all about Sonic and Mario rescuing the games in winter from the deadly plot laid by Eggman and Bowser. To be frank, it did its bit to some extent. Because of this adventure, the player will have to bring in new characters every now and then. It is done as the story demands for. Inclusion of characters and their functioning in defusing the plot presents some king of puzzle. At the end the player will have the feel of Sonic and Mario game with several competitions.

Inevitably, all the adventures pose some or the other kind of problems as well. The complete affair of creating several characters, they are roaming around in the environment that emerges every second, dealing with the tough missions make you more interested and ultimately result in spending lot of time. Some confusing staircases and most inconvenient routes add up to it. There the player will have to explore a place called as Cubryinth. In this the player is made to waste of time in finding the way itself. In that bargain players sometimes land up reaching greater distances which could have been a few steps in some other direction. It becomes much more interesting.