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Numerology software review

The best numerology program developed by Widening Horizons, which is known as Professional Numerologist, has been made available for Windows based computers and Mac computers that use Virtual PC.

Professional numerologists interested only in some assistance to complete their calculations prefer buying the latter report. However, most individuals would want to acquire the complete suite. The reports have been written by Matthew Oliver Goodwin who is a reputed numerologist and author.

The program comprises four modules, namely the Numerology Report, Relationship Report, Yearly Report, and the best numerology chart software. The Numerology Report provides excellently written reports for twenty people in a single batch. In addition, the report delineates the Life Path along with the Increased Energy and Karmic Debt. These are added to the current name, expression, soul urge, and birthday numbers. In addition, challenge, karmic lessons, modified karmic lessons, maturity number are used. Finally, the report uses numbers that are removed from the current name, current path of life period and pinnacle, and the personal year of individuals. This report is very popular because it interprets all these factors and provides an excellent and detailed analysis of these factors.

The Yearly Reports analyzes the personal year, special focus year, essence, and every personal month of the individual. In addition, the report guides individuals on how best to utilize the positive energy created by the year and each month. The content is precisely written and is beneficial.

Several factors are considered while writing the relationship report. These include the first impression, adaptability, sociability, relationships with others, emotional and sexual patterns, communication ability, love and affection providing abilities, physical compatibility, material affairs approach, and the capability to earn a living. These factors are analyzed for the individual first and then for the two individuals in the mesh. The report also considers mutual ambitions and the influence of the present year on the two individuals and their relation. Moreover, the report provides what you can expect from the relationship.

Individuals can view the reports on the screen either individually and all four together in tiles. Moreover, these reports can be printed, saved with a file name that is compatible with Word.