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How do I watch movies on my PSP and PS3?

Once you have acquired your new PSP or ps3 consoles for sale, you will definitely want to use it to its full capacity. One of the excellent features of the PSP and PS3 is the ability to watch movies, and it is simple. However, some hardware installations are necessary so that you can commence enjoying your favorite movies on the move.

Your primary need is a device comprising a MP4 file, known as Pro Duo Stick. Typically, a 512 MB stick is used, which is most of the times adequate.

In addition, you will need to install a DVD player on to the system. You must also install a software to rip DVDs, which offers you the flexibility to download movies from a DVD on the machine. Moreover, a USB cable to connect the PSP/PS3 to the machine is required.

One of the last and an important component is a conversion software, which enables you to convert movies and videos to the MP4 format, thus enabling you to watch these on your PSP. There are some bundle offers that include converter files along with the DVD software. All these things are available for PSP, PS3, xbox 360 and wii console deals. After installing the necessary hardware components and the software programs, getting the PSP ready to play your favorite movies is achievable in some easy steps.

In the possibility that you do have the movie installed on your machine, you can put the movie in the DVD player and turn on the DVD maker. Based on the manufacturer’s specifications, you then need to click on extract or rip. You can then provide the location of where the movie must be installed and then save the file.

To copy a movie that is already available on the machine on to the PSP, you only have to click on the add button of the DVD ripper. You then need to provide the location where the file needs to be saved.

After saving the file on the hard disk, click on the button “extract” or “encode” that is in the PSP video converter, follow this by saving the file. When the DVD ripper or PSP video converter software comprises the combined application, then you can simultaneously complete steps a,b, and c mentioned above.

My machine has the files, what is the next step? The MP4 format (that is the right format) to view movies on PSP must be now available on the machine. This means that you can now complete the last step of the process.

All that needs to be done now is to connect the PSP and the machine through the USB cable. Then you create a folder (called MP_Root) on the memory stick. This makes a sub-folder called 100MNV01 within the Root folder. Copy the selected MP4 files to this location.

Now you are ready to enjoy your favorite movie by launching the memory stick on your cheap xbox 360 console or on the PS3.